February 24, 2022

We understand that a Trauma Clean can sound quite scary or like something you would expect to take place at a hospital or a police crime scene. On the contrary you may find yourself needing a Trauma Cleaning service for your home, office, or small business premise or if you manage a Care Home, Factory, Workshop, Garage, any location where people may injure themselves, find themselves in an accident, or in the unfortunate situation where a staff member or loved one may have passed away.

We know this is a difficult subject to talk about but unfortunately accidents and people passing away at home or at work does occur more often than we like to think about. It’s at these distressing times DCS can help make the premises safe and clean whilst providing a professional and dignified service for both domestic and commercial properties.

Trauma cleaning is a specialist cleaning service offered by Direct Cleaning Services that includes everything from making an area safe to removing bodily fluids and completely sanitizing a premises.

Our specialist team are fully trained to identify risks and hazards, safely remove, and dispose soiled carpets, furniture, sharps and needles, or other contaminated items. Our staff will also decontaminate the affected area and are discreet, respectful, and efficient whilst ensuring the area and premises are safe, clean and contaminant free.  

With 167,000 recorded deaths at private homes and care homes in 2020, more people will unfortunately find themselves in a situation where they may need to clean a premises where a loved one has passed, let Direct Cleaning Services help take the trauma cleaning side of things off your hands freeing up some of your valuable time to deal with more important arrangements for you and your loved ones.

Let Direct Cleaning Services help you during this stressful time with our professional and dignified trauma cleaning service for both domestic and commercial properties.

If you find yourself in need of our Professional and Dignified Trauma Cleaning Service, please call out specialist team on 07971555004 or email hello@directcleaningservices.co.uk and let our team take care of you during this stressful time.

Ann Selsby

Founder and Owner of Direct Cleaning Services Ltd, with over 38 years experience in the industry and the powering force behind DCS. Loves Great Danes.

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