June 13, 2022

A staff shortage crisis can cost your business not only time and money but even the loss of contracts and clients.

The phone rings, a member of your team is too ill to make it into work today, within minutes two more team members have come down with the same illness, and before you know it you’ve a staff shortage crisis on your hands.

The British Cleaning Council (BCC) reported that the cleaning and hygiene industry is suffering “severe” staff shortages according to a new survey they carried out. Finding staff cover on short notice can prove difficult at the best of times let alone during a severe staff shortage for the cleaning industry.

At Direct Cleaning Services (DCS) we understand how this type of scenario can quickly turn into an emergency and even put your business at risk of losing clients and contracts. We offer staff shortage cover to help you and your business during this crisis.

Our staff are all professionally trained and fully insured, we can help cover a wide range of skilled cleaning services and roles, including commercial cleaning, trauma, flood and fire clean up services and even crime scene and clinical waste clean-up services. So, whatever type of cleaning your in-house staff normally take care of for you, we are sure our cleaning teams can help you during your cleaning staff shortage crisis.

At DCS we have over 30 years of experience as cleaning professionals, with numerous clients throughout Lancashire and the North West, call us on 07971 555004 or contact us to discuss your staff cover requirements.

Ann Selsby

Founder and Owner of Direct Cleaning Services Ltd, with over 38 years experience in the industry and the powering force behind DCS. Loves Great Danes.

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