Make Sure Your Business Is Clean Before Re-Opening

February 17, 2021

The COVID-19 Lockdown has brought about massive changes formany businesses across the UK. The pandemic rapidly changes the priorities formany businesses in sectors such as hospitality, retail and education. Manybusinesses have had to adapt to new ways of working including employees workingfrom home, offering new products/services and taking up more rigorous cleaningpractices.

A large majority of businesses have been forced to closetheir doors since January 4th in order to control the spread ofCOVID-19 and protect the health of the population. However, Boris Johnson isset to release his roadmap on February 22nd which will set-out datesfor the re-opening of businesses.

Preparing To Re-Open?

Are you the owner or manager of a local business preparing tore-open? Whether you’re a local restaurant owner, shop owner or you’re incharge of a nursery or education facility, cleaning and ensuring the safety ofyour customers will be important.

Our commercial cleaning services are here for when you needthem, for your office, showroom, business or restaurant. At Direct CleaningServices, we have worked with numerous and varied clients over the years as acommercial cleaning provider.

Our employees are professionally trained and fullycomprehensively insured, giving you peace-of-mind for your business.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Our Commercial cleaning services include a thorough clean ofthe entrance and stairs, disinfecting key areas of your business and using ourspecialist chemicals to remove any dirt, grime and dust from your business.

Here at DirectCleaning Services, we have built a trustworthy reputation with our lastingrelationships with our commercial customers, providing the highest standards ofservice to all. Our staff are trained professionally, with full insurance,ensuring a professional job is conducted from start to finish.

If you would like to find out more about our commercialcleaning service, and the other services we provide, or if you would like afree no obligation chat, simply get in touch withor friendly cleaning experts today by calling 01772 735919, and we will behappy to help with all of your queries.

Ann Selsby

Founder and Owner of Direct Cleaning Services Ltd, with over 32 years experience in the industry and the powering force behind DCS. Loves Great Danes.

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