Make Spring Cleaning Your Home Easier

March 7, 2021

With Christmas well and truly in the rear view mirror, Springis just around the corner and many people are starting to think about SpringCleaning.

Spring cleaning is quite a big task for any home owner but,once you’re finished, the results are amazing. Spring cleaning can be madeeasier by following a few simple hacks – making the annual decluttering easier,more enjoyable and more efficient.

Take a look at the following tips:

Have A Consistent Schedule

Have a consistent schedule throughout the year to de-cluttermakes sure that you’re not overwhelmed. Being more organised throughout theyear can help long-term with studies showing that a disorganised home adds toyour stress level.

Shortly before starting your spring clean, scope out yourhome and discover which areas need the most work – Do you need to de-clutteryour bedrooms and wardrobes more than your kitchen and living room? Having aplan for tackling each room will help to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Cleaning Tips & Hacks

Scanning the internet for top tips and hacks can be an incrediblyeffective way of spring cleaning.

One cleaning tip is centred around the idea of cleaningevery room “From top to bottom”, starting by using a vacuum cleaner to removeany cobwebs, dust and dirt from your ceiling, fans and TV screens before movingto dusting furniture and finish by cleaning your carpet.

Here at Direct Cleaning Services, we have built a trustworthy reputation with our lastingrelationships with our customers, providing the highest standards of service toall. Our staff are trained professionally, with full insurance, ensuring aprofessional job is conducted from start to finish.

If you would like to find out more about our cleaningservices, or if you would like a free noobligation chat, simply get in touchwith or friendly cleaning experts today by calling 01772 735919, and we will behappy to help with all of your queries.

Ann Selsby

Founder and Owner of Direct Cleaning Services Ltd, with over 32 years experience in the industry and the powering force behind DCS. Loves Great Danes.

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